Victoria Alenich

Marketing consultant

I am a Berlin-based marketing consultant since 2016.Over $30M spent on paid ads.Creatively inclined, but always data driven.I build cross-functional teams to scale ads and increase marketing efficiency.Ex Asana Rebel, foodspring, alumni.

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My expertise

Strategic LeadershipI lead teams in managing 7-figure monthly budgets, focusing on paid strategies. I take responsibility for optimal spend efficiency, driving businesses toward their growth targets with precision and insight.Building Marketing FoundationsI develop foundational marketing strategies for startups. My approach sets the stage for scalable growth, paving the way for future success.Cross-Functional SynergyI build and lead cross-functional teams of designers, media buyers, and data analysts, all united by singular goals like improving creative hit rates or optimizing CRO metrics.Creative StrategyI increase ad creative hit rates by innovating the creative strategy process. I transform abstract ideas into the best-performing visual narratives that resonate and engage.Technical AutomationI navigate the complexities of Meta, TikTok, and Google APIs. By automating manual ad operations, I transform the technical side of marketing into a competitive advantage.Processes & Structures Best-PracticesI have gained profound insights into the processes and structures of leading marketing agencies and D2C brands, developing a comprehensive playbook of industry best practices to guide strategic decisions.

My vision

My vision is to lead and inspire. I'm here not just to adapt but to set trends, leveraging my expertise in paid ads, tech & AI, and cross-functional leadership.I value transparency, creativity, and strategic thinking. I love balancing the brand image with a personal touch that makes complex concepts accessible.I prefer to work with hard-working, passionate people who seek truth in data, drive growth, and instill a culture of continuous improvement. If you think we can work together, drop me a line!


I'd love to hear from you! Whether you're seeking to transform your marketing strategy, share insights, or just have a chat about the latest in tech and AI, feel free to drop me a message. Let's start a conversation that could lead to great things!

Thank you

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